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You might be a in a situation whereas you need a graphic designer, a web designer and a digital marketing professional all at once to work on projects, but don’t have the budget in place, nor sufficient amount of work to justify hiring full time employees to do this kind of work. We have a great solution for you that will solve all your creative and marketing problems and save you some money in the process – our work retainer agreement.

You can retain our services for a set amount of hours per week or per month and we will set aside time to work on your projects in exchange for committing to a short or long term work retainer agreement. The work we do for you will take priority over our other projects and in having only one company handle all your marketing and creative needs, you will increase efficiency and avoid unnecessary delays.

A work retainer agreement can be beneficial for you in several ways. First, you will be avoiding the overhead expenses of hiring a creative team by saving on employment tax, health benefits, vacation time, etc… Second, by committing to have us work for you for a preset number of hours per week or per month, you will get our discounted rate. This could save you 25 to 30% on our normal rates and the more time you retain us, the better your rate. Third, working on your project will take priority and will be completed within a shorter amount of time.

Our work retainer agreement works as follows: you will need to commit and pay upfront for a set number of hours (decided by you) for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months. Every hour of work will be accounted for. In retaining our services, you will have access to all our services at a discounted rate. Every hour of work that has not been used within the allotted period will roll over to the next period. To make it more convenient to you, we will also, upon your request, come to your place of business as needed if located in the Charlotte area.

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